What We Do

Explore the ways we enrich our community, one LIFE at a time.

Enriching Our Community

One LIFE at a Time


We Support Individuals

On a case by case basis, we assess whether we can make a difference.


We Partner With Non-Profits

We work with other service providers to expand our network.


We Enrich the Community

With your help, empowering one soul, will empower hundreds more.

One in three Americans are one paycheck away from homelessness

Little by little, a lot becomes a lot.

-Tanzanian Proverb

Life is full of ups and downs. But in once in a while, those downswings can turn into unrecoverable hardships.

Hardworking people may experience a layoff or encounter a medical emergency that leaves them without funds for basic expenses.

Many people face uncontrollable life circumstances. Some just “fall through the cracks.” And others may face financial hardships that don’t qualify for government assistance or programs.

The people we help are those who don’t fit the charity-case profile. They’re outliers, who have the greatest risk of losing everything.

Through our private network and community outreach, we find and help those in need. We locate people from all walks of life and work with them on a case-by-case basis and discover the right solution to help them on their journey back up the ladder.

The Lives We’ve Touched So Far

 In only two years, we’ve positively impacted many lives in our community. And with help, we hope to impact many more.

We Can Do It Together

Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.

-Ryunosuke Santoro

Our Mission, “Enriching Our Communities, One LIFE at a Time,” can’t be accomplished alone. Finding individuals in need can be very time consuming, so we partner with organizations that are already providing assistance to those in need. We help them fulfill their missions as we continue to realize our own.

These small, non-profit organizations serve as our “boots on the ground,” and enable us to support people through their existing channels.

We are always looking for organizations that can help us help others. Our outreach spans many networks, and side-by-side, together, we continue to enrich and bless peoples’ lives daily.

Our Community Outreach Partners


We work with schools to provide for students in need as well as enhance their learning environment. We’ve  given away hundreds of coats and shoes over the years to needy pre-K students, worked with counselors to provide monetary assistance to needy families, participated in matching fund drives with PTAs to purchase school equipment, and worked with other organizations to supply hygiene products.


We’re committed to honoring the service of our veterans. In addition to working with Veteran’s hospitals to assist with patients’ transitional needs, we work with a unique program that trains service dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD. The program uses high school students to teach the dogs social skills prior to their intensive training. Over the past five years, we’ve sponsored over a dozen dogs.

Foster Care

We understand that it takes a special person or family to open their home to a child who has gone through a traumatic experience. We help provide hygiene items for CPS employees to provide to children as they are placed in a new home. We also help with back to school drives, provides support to adoptive/foster families with special needs, and adopts unpicked “angels” over the holidays.

Food Banks

Over 800,000 people in North Texas are “food insecure” (hungry). That’s one in six people and includes over 300,000 children. We provide and package food for local school children over school holidays through a local non-profit, provides donations of requested food items food banks of all sizes, and even provides gift cards to sponsors of small community pantries in front yards that anyone may visit.


We know that if somebody is in need, their church will know about it. We accept direct referrals from churches and partner with them by donating holiday food baskets by providing gift cards to cover perishable items for the families. Additionally, we work with church-sponsored pre-schools and community centers to help them realize their community outreach goals.

Homeless Shelters

We partner with homeless shelters, as well as organizations who work with shelters, to provide needed items, such as hats, scarves, blankets, gift cards and personal hygiene products. We like to partner with those who want to give back. We also work with children’s groups and other volunteers to prepare packages for the homeless for distribution in conjunction with coat drives, census activities, and more.

Interested in Becoming a Partner? Reach out.

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