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Millions Slip Through the Cracks Every Day


Of the nearly half-million homeless, one-third are families with children.



Medical issues are the reason two-thirds of Americans file bankruptcy.

The number in millions of Americans with student loan debt.

In 2018, millions of workers experienced layoffs, and many didn’t receive unemployment.

These are the people we help

One life at a time

What we do

Finding The Forgotten

Through our vast private network and community outreach, we seek out those who can’t, don’t, or won’t receive help through other avenues and offer them a hand up.

What we need

How You Can Help

Life Community Enrichment is a non-profit organization, founded in 2017. In only two years, we’ve assisted thousands of people and organizations, and continue to serve more every day. With your help, we can serve many more.



We believe in enriching our communities, one life at a time, and we need your help.



We don’t have a formal volunteer program, but send us an email us to be added to our future list.



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Success Stories

Featured Folks from Our Files

Grandmother Adopts Grand kids After Tragedy

How we helped a grandmother recover from a horrible crime.

Funding Wheelchair Accessibility

How we helped an ALS patient’s mobility in his own home.

Bouncing Back After Divorce

How we helped a single mom get through the holidays.

Single Mom Gets Back On Her Feet

How we helped a single mom get through multiple hardships.